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Message  Leader le Sam 1 Jan - 23:23

Hello Happy Tax Payers Very Happy

I restarted my Vegas II period during these vacation, and what a surprise! A 58 Mo update.

Problem is, after the update, I'm now a Private :-( Bad surprise indeed. I have logged a call to UBI Support. Game wont reload from my previous automatic backup.

Something else. In this update, the IA of the terros has been changed. They are NO MORE where we expect them to be, they arrive in your back when they DID NOT previously. LOVELY (but boring... we have to change all our reflexes :-)

Another change, in EASY mode, the terros are much smarter than before. Watch it !

And the cherry on the cake, we have now the Casino Calypso and the two night maps included !

Best to all, and A HAPPY NEW YEAR !

2010 : The 58 Mo patch GCP_Leader
            (gamertag changé en "Marcel Bigeard" suite à un conflit avec la Team PS3 GCP)

2011 : The 58 Mo patch Marcel_Bigeard

2012 : The 58 Mo patch Lara_Crofft

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